Love organic vegetarian food & meetups? Check this out.

A friend of mine, Michelle, is hosting a special organic vegetarian dinner this Fri at a beautiful, secret location in Bishan. Michelle is one of the 2 key persons, editors and writers of the first edition of The Singapore Vegetarian Food Guide. Brought up by a Hokkien grandmother who was gifted at serving up scrumptious Hokkien dishes, Michelle soon developed her tastebuds for fine cooking. Her food and restaurant write-ups have been published in Cuisine & Wine Asia, Golf Asia, Flavours, Appetite and The Edge (Malaysia).

This event is part of a Meetup ‘Pop Up Veg Brunch & Supper Club Series’, and is an event promising good food, company & nutrition to kickstart the weekend.

the food:

Starter – Mich’s Salad
Mich’s concoction inspired by fresh veggies and fruits of the day.

Every vegetable your Hokkien grandmother would want you to eat braised till it is melt-in-the-mouth (chap chye). Served with 4 grain organic rice and quinoa.

A home-brewed tea that is perfect for digestion will be served at the end of the dinner.

Meal will be about 70 – 80 percent organic.
Cost: SGD$30

Due to limited spaces, Michelle is collecting payment in advance (by 1 Aug, 11:59pm). Location and address will be disclosed only to diners who have paid up. For more details, pls msg Michelle at


End-of-year Personal Reflection

Wow! There have been so many wonderful events happening in the past weeks, that I have not had the time (and sometimes, energy) to update this blog and do the many things that I want to do!

Some of these events have been really impactful, and I would like to share them here in this blog space.

Hanzhong (my boyfriend) and I went to a half day personal retreat at Kallang CC yesterday to reflect on how we did over the year, and what we do like to focus in the coming year. Teck Kwang (HZ’s friend) had kindly organised the event for free, and had opened the invitation to anyone who was ready to do some quiet end-of-year reflection.

After a round of introductions, we were asked to remove the table-cloths, and unreveal the treasures underneath – rice. We were encouraged to feel the individual rice grains, and play with them. This was our rice mandala, we were told. Each rice had gone a very tedious process to be what it is today, and each grain represents a moment of our lives. Play with the rice, we were told. Meld them into images that are meaningful for you, that represent your current state, and where you want to be in the future. The rice mandalas reminded me of the infinite possibilities of what we can do, and how nothing is permanent – what looks perfect in the mandala will soon disappear in the next instant.

Rice mandala

Later, we were given large pieces of paper and coloured pens. Go – draw your timeline for the year, we were told. As I sat in a corner and started drawing, it became very obvious to me that there has been many impactful moments throughout the year. As the major events were laid out on the paper, the adhoc occasion that nevertheless mattered so much to me, came to my mind like sparkling jewels waiting to be discovered, felt and treasured.

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