Winter melon soup. from the edible garden.

Goodness from the edible garden. Winter melon soup courtesy of the neighbour who cultivated the plant from seed over 5 months, and my mum who added all the ingredients into a thermo pot.

Got reminded on how meat no longer appeals to me… There is this meat taste that I don’t like. largely removed meat from my food choices now, except with family. A reminder of a journey, small changes, small choices, but significant over time.

Winter melon soup. from the edible garden :)

Winter melon soup. from the edible garden :)


Oh what a delight! Each bite is just so precious lady fingers from the edible garden.

Okra with sambal. Yum!

Okra with sambal. Yum!

Grown to order

:) Tie-ups between local farmers & chefs. Good tasting food that is also healthier, ethical, traceable & good for the environment.

ST - Grown to order

ST – Grown to order

Love organic vegetarian food & meetups? Check this out.

A friend of mine, Michelle, is hosting a special organic vegetarian dinner this Fri at a beautiful, secret location in Bishan. Michelle is one of the 2 key persons, editors and writers of the first edition of The Singapore Vegetarian Food Guide. Brought up by a Hokkien grandmother who was gifted at serving up scrumptious Hokkien dishes, Michelle soon developed her tastebuds for fine cooking. Her food and restaurant write-ups have been published in Cuisine & Wine Asia, Golf Asia, Flavours, Appetite and The Edge (Malaysia).

This event is part of a Meetup ‘Pop Up Veg Brunch & Supper Club Series’, and is an event promising good food, company & nutrition to kickstart the weekend.

the food:

Starter – Mich’s Salad
Mich’s concoction inspired by fresh veggies and fruits of the day.

Every vegetable your Hokkien grandmother would want you to eat braised till it is melt-in-the-mouth (chap chye). Served with 4 grain organic rice and quinoa.

A home-brewed tea that is perfect for digestion will be served at the end of the dinner.

Meal will be about 70 – 80 percent organic.
Cost: SGD$30

Due to limited spaces, Michelle is collecting payment in advance (by 1 Aug, 11:59pm). Location and address will be disclosed only to diners who have paid up. For more details, pls msg Michelle at

Travelling. A day at the community farms

After some Googling yesterday, I told my cousin with unbridled joy, “I decided what I will do tomorrow – I’m going to spend the entire day at the community farms! Help at the Veggielution in the morning, and tour the Berryessa one in the afternoon.” My cousin looked at me wonderingly. Why would anyone fly to San Jose only to spend time in the farm??

But oh, it has been a most awesome day. Pure happiness :)

Veggielution community farm

Veggielution community farm

Dream project update

Dream project update – covered 3 houses last Sunday, and really enjoyed the conversations. Had a progress meeting with NParks / CIB, and we agreed to hold 2 workshops for interested neighbours in Aug / Sep. Sent out update on FB & email, and pretty much blown away by the email replies that are coming in ^^