3 people who really made my day. Thank you :)

There were at least 3 people who truly made my day today. You know those precious little moments that you would like to linger on for just that bit longer

1 ~

a colleague-turned-friend who came by unexpectedly to share a little inside joke. Her one-liner was enough to elicit a bout of hearty laughter, as it triggered memories of how we waited 1hr for the public bus the day before, and how we went on our unexpected adventure (aka. detour) to make our way home.

2 ~

this lovely lady from Port Dickson, who helped tend to my unruly tresses today. I truly enjoyed my conversation with her, which ranged from living alone overseas, to family, to potential safety hazards in Australia. Again a conversation that elicited a lot of laughter

3 ~

and OK, this one, really takes the cake. As I was getting up from my seat to alight at the next bus stop, there was this really loud sound of something dropping right where I’m seated. Except I was pretty sure I didn’t drop anything, and was really puzzled. The ladies behind me pointed out that I must have dropped something for they heard the really loud sound too. And so did the uncle behind.

What happened next was truly unexpected. The bus driver asked what we were looking for, and immediately re-assured that he would stop at the next bus bay, and make sure that we search for what was dropped before moving on.

After a quick look around, I was pretty sure I didn’t drop anything. Said my thank yous & goodbyes, and alighted.

What happened next was also unexpected too. The bus driver left his seat, motioned for me to wait, and did a thorough search himself! All he found was a seed, which he picked up anyways and asked if it was mine. He also asked the other passengers if they dropped anything to cause the sound. It was only when he was satisfied that there was nothing really on the floor that he said goodbye, and went off to start the bus.


Passion Unleashed #24 on Resilience – Short-list of what I’ve learnt

Feeling thankful that I went to attend this evening’s PASSION Unleashed Talk series at SMU. They always invite individuals who have achieved a lot in life by following what they are passionate in.

I did a graphic record of sorts, which I will share later. Here’s a short-list of what I gained from Indranee’s sharing (she’s the 2nd speaker at the event):

1) Indranee for sharing with us her personal story. How her mum is her biggest inspiration, and the passing on of her siblings left a deep imprint on her.

2) How many of her turning points in life were really accidental. Like her becoming a lawyer, and chance meeting of a group of individuals (when trying to ‘correct’ her university application) who turn out to be major players in different parts of her life.

3) How she, as a litigation lawyer, believed in having a strong stand for her client, and standing up for something. How the lawyer has a role in representing the person’s best interest, while upholding the rule of law. (I believe it’s the first time I appreciate what lawyers do really)

4) How being a litigation lawyer helped her grow personally as an individual (e.g. you don’t win 100% time, so roll with it!)

5) How she recognised both opportunities to make a difference, and the challenges & difficulties. And in anchoring with values that she holds dear, she choose to take up the opportunities – also because the challenges are there, that it is time for her to make a difference.

6) How moral courage is so much more than physical courage. Because moral courage requires self belief, things that make you who you are, and inner strength.

Awesome day – A day of flow, courage, appreciation, inspiration!

Awesome, awesome day. So much to give THANKS for!! :)

Appreciate myself for making a self-empowering decision to do a presentation today, to a good size crowd of clients, colleagues & random conference walk-ins. It is not a topic that I’m an expert in, but I was scheduled to speak on it yesterday, and for a myriad of reasons, yesterday’s talk didn’t happen.

After the last scheduled talk for the day, a lady who strolled in asked, “So, what’s the next talk?” With immense clarity and courage, I announced to all that I would be the last speaker, even though it wasn’t in the schedule. Was so totally delighted when the random walk-ins shared their personal interests & backgrounds – they are so totally in line with my chosen topic, which is a really niche one (and different from the previous presenter). I got really good feedback after – am really glad!!

Things just seemed to flow today… Caught up with former colleagues (feels like family!), old connections… Met the “random walk-ins” randomly much later – we had such good conversations, we felt it was fate! Oh, and how my colleagues & I ended up at the same cafe after the event, even though it was not in our original plans.

I came home feeling inspired after attending a pre-geohackathon workshop. Totally recharged by listening to the challenges that volunteer organisations need to overcome, and how aspiring programmers and general people in the street want to form teams and create apps that make a difference! In like 48 hours too.

Formed an impromptu team with poly students – our goal to create an app that will really help Food for the Heart. We don’t have the skills to create a really professional one. But what we have – loads of it – is the readiness to do something, learn from one another, and a desire to make a real difference :)


Appreciating  :)

appreciating nature, the comforting feeling of walking down a path next to a forest, hearing the calls, and watching a frog hop by. 

appreciating the neighbours who came together for a mini celebration yesterday, because we all believe in the value of a community garden even if we haven’t figured a clear path to walk forward together yet.

appreciating my team mates at work, for they are stars in their own right, allowing me to focus on things I need to work on

appreciating my friends who are there for me, listening to me whine at times about how hard things can be, not judging & encouraging me to keep going for what I believe in

appreciating my family who support me in their quiet way, actions speaking more than words

appreciating my cousins for continually posting on our Whatsapp channel. reminding me it’s time to re-connect, I have simply been too busy!

appreciating my partner, who supports, encourages, coaches me, does not judge & is there for me when I need him.

appreciate myself for despite feeling low & rather dejected in the last few weeks, for picking myself up again & being able to appreciate things as they are.

appreciate the frog that inspired this post! :) 

Re-discovering the Green Corridor :)

It has been a long time since I went on a walk along the Green Corridor. Glad to have the opportunity to walk a short segment of it with some colleagues & their children. A rare chance in a long time to re-connect with nature’s beauty, and the many plants and animals in its midst. Came across a supposedly rare insect. The Green Corridor, or least the segment where we walked, looks well utilised, with runners, cyclists, people walking their dogs and families.

Interestingly, the planted grassy ground on which we walked was all dried up & yellow, but the green areas that grow wild are still looking good despite the dry spell. Perhaps the wild plants are indeed far more resilient, doing relatively well compared to the planted ones.

Along the Green Corridor. Not far north of Bouna Vista MRT

Along the Green Corridor. Not far north of Bouna Vista MRT

A little happy moment :)

A little happy moment :)

Dancers being filmed under a bridge.

Dancers being filmed under a bridge.

Beautiful art murals under the bridge

Art murals under the bridge

Beautiful flowers :)

Flowers are blooming!

Bananas in the wild :)

Bananas in the wild :)

Spider and its shadow

Spider and its shadow

Butterfly. It didn't move even though my camera hovered for several seconds near it!

Butterfly. It didn’t move even though my camera hovered for several seconds near it!

Thankful :)

So many things to be thankful for  :)

On running alone… thankful for my partner who paces himself to encourage me to run & keep running. Thankful that I decided to make time for myself & run, for running was an activity I enjoyed but stopped when other things became more important. Thankful for the running experience, for it allowed me to experience familiar surroundings with a new appreciation. Every slope, every bird call, every crossing becomes part of a fuller appreciation of the place. Thankful for running, for it reminds me to keep keep moving forward, keep reaching for little goals, and keep going even if the end point seems so far away. Appreciate very much the cool sea breeze that greeted us when we reached the sea, and the gentle breeze that accompanied us every step of the way. A wonderful way indeed to remind myself to run more consistently again, not just to be more healthy, but also for the various wonderful gifts that come with it :)

feeling thankful

feeling thankful :)  energised by a good coaching session… a good conversation with a neighbour I never met but is really enthusiastic in supporting my dream… cleared quite a few things on my list… appreciating the help I have received from various people in the last few days :)