Been feeling various things in recent days.

Some days, I feel really driven about something, and want to spend all my waking hours, reading on it, learning all about it, telling the world about it.

Some days, I’m just totally exhausted, not willing to face the world.

Some days, I feel more than a little depressed, misunderstood & ready to fight, wishing the ground opens up & I just disappear away.

In other words, depending on what day / time it is, the people around me will see different sides of me. And they are not pretty.

For some years now, I have been on a personal journey to focus on what’s important to me, and live a life that I want.

The various coaching programs I took have been really awesome – they certainly took me on a trajectory in life which I could not have imagined just 3 years back.

Of late though, I feel that I have been slipping back to my unconscious self, one where I’m more guarded and wary.

I decided to write this note as I feel that what helps me to keep out of a mental whirlppol is the awesome bunch of people in my life. These are people who I may have known for quite some time, or people who I just got to know. These people remind me of life truths, help me experience the world with different eyes, and help re-open my mind to possibilities. These people know me for who I am, and understand what internal fights I undergo to keep moving forward.

No matter the time or day, when barriers seem insurmountably high, these people are just a call or email away. They listen and work with me on what I need – a listening ear, a sounding board, a road map, a gentle reminder that I can choose to overcome internal barriers.

While most people see situations and work on the symptoms, these people help me understand where the source of problems is, and help me look deeper into aspects of life that’s not working.

To these people, thank you.


The Young Cheetah – A Story About the Voices That Influence Us

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Who do you have speaking into your life?  Voices that question your capabilities, or voices that encourage you to greatness? Who do you have speaking into your life? Voices that question your capabilities, or voices that encourage you to greatness?

A young cheetah had just left home and was setting out to hunt for the first time.

As he prowled the savannah looking for potential prey, a hyena saw him and asked what he was doing.

“I’m going hunting,” the cheetah said proudly.

“What?  You?” the hyena sneered, “You’re too small and inexperienced, you’ll never catch anything!”

Demoralised, the young cheetah wandered around aimlessly for the rest of the day without success and went hungry.

The next morning, the cheetah headed out to hunt again, hoping that he would be more successful this time, but not overly optimistic.

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