Taking action. Small boy, big impact.

I was really impressed by what I read in the news today… The idea itself is not new for I have heard quite a few people say they want to start collecting recyclable items in their blocks… but how many have actually started to do so? Most times, I would hear a lot of arguments for & against such an idea, and then all goes quiet…
This little boy wakes up at 5am (wow), goes to different apartments to collect recycling bags (wow wow), puts them in a recycling bin which his dad wheels are him (wow x3), sorts out the items (wow x4), have breakfast and head off to pre-school (he is only 6!).

He may be small, but he is making a big impact! Check out this link – he has inspired 9 other children in his estate to pick up recycling items; a flea market where neighbours sold items to one another; and got many people talking about the project.

link to Straits Times news article


Fishball Story

Of the people I heard speak on a stage tonight, one person stood out. His name is Douglas, and he is 23. He makes fishball noodles at a hawker market, and is a very dedicated and passionate one at that. He shared that he learnt to make fishballs from his grandmother so that he could enjoy them every day, and then thought why not step up & sell them at a hawker centre because fishball and hawker food are very much our national heritage? Even as he spoke of the many challenges he faced in the last 7 months as a hawker (e.g. young hawkers have no subsidy and are less likely to get good stall locations), his words and energy were brimming with passion. He needed no slides or photos to capture his audience’s attention. The photos in this blog look really yum – must go support his food one of these days.

Passion Unleashed #24 on Resilience – Short-list of what I’ve learnt

Feeling thankful that I went to attend this evening’s PASSION Unleashed Talk series at SMU. They always invite individuals who have achieved a lot in life by following what they are passionate in.

I did a graphic record of sorts, which I will share later. Here’s a short-list of what I gained from Indranee’s sharing (she’s the 2nd speaker at the event):

1) Indranee for sharing with us her personal story. How her mum is her biggest inspiration, and the passing on of her siblings left a deep imprint on her.

2) How many of her turning points in life were really accidental. Like her becoming a lawyer, and chance meeting of a group of individuals (when trying to ‘correct’ her university application) who turn out to be major players in different parts of her life.

3) How she, as a litigation lawyer, believed in having a strong stand for her client, and standing up for something. How the lawyer has a role in representing the person’s best interest, while upholding the rule of law. (I believe it’s the first time I appreciate what lawyers do really)

4) How being a litigation lawyer helped her grow personally as an individual (e.g. you don’t win 100% time, so roll with it!)

5) How she recognised both opportunities to make a difference, and the challenges & difficulties. And in anchoring with values that she holds dear, she choose to take up the opportunities – also because the challenges are there, that it is time for her to make a difference.

6) How moral courage is so much more than physical courage. Because moral courage requires self belief, things that make you who you are, and inner strength.

it’s the journey that matters

“It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end.” – Ernest Hemingway