A night walk amongst the mangroves

I had this wonderful opportunity of walking amongst the mangroves in near darkness this evening. With me were little children and their parents, and our guide.

A little girl behind me held her breath in excitement. “I want to come back again to see the fire flies,” she told her mum who was carrying her.

Right in front of us were 2 lone fire flies, dancing in the darkness. What a beautiful sight, made more beautiful with the words and expressed delight of this little girl.

As we made our way down the boardwalk, we saw more of such fire flies dancing away in the distance. One crossed our path, it was so close that we could have reached out and touched it.

In this same walk, we saw other animals. One other animal that caught my eye were the dog-faced water snakes that waited for their prey along the banks of the mangrove streams. There was also a tree-climbing crab that disappeared into a tree hole when we came along. “Be quiet, and keep the torches off”, it seemed to say. “Be invisible if you want to observe the nocturnal world for what it is.”


Coastal cleanup & rescue of horseshoe crabs

A most awesome evening at Kranji mudflats! Caught up with fellow nature enthusiasts & made new friends.

My team removed a couple of long abandoned fishing nets. We ended up spending much time trying to rescue horseshoe crabs that were entangled in the nets. Many of the horseshoe crabs were still alive, but they could not move because the knotted strings got into their feet, carapace & mouth parts. I am thankful that we rescued at least 20+ horseshoe crabs. Some of the rescued hsc were in such hurry to get away, they moved away really quickly when placed back on the sand!

Being nature people, my team did opportunistic bird watching too. ‘Snow Tern. From the North Pole.’ said Sunny, my team mate for the day. The terns dived into the waters occasionally, such a beautiful sight.

Utter joy to be out in nature :)

Before the coastal cleanup at Kranji mudflats. Kerry from Nature Society (Singapore) giving a brief.

Before the coastal cleanup at Kranji mudflats. Kerry from Nature Society (Singapore) giving a brief.