Passion Unleashed #24 on Resilience – Short-list of what I’ve learnt

Feeling thankful that I went to attend this evening’s PASSION Unleashed Talk series at SMU. They always invite individuals who have achieved a lot in life by following what they are passionate in.

I did a graphic record of sorts, which I will share later. Here’s a short-list of what I gained from Indranee’s sharing (she’s the 2nd speaker at the event):

1) Indranee for sharing with us her personal story. How her mum is her biggest inspiration, and the passing on of her siblings left a deep imprint on her.

2) How many of her turning points in life were really accidental. Like her becoming a lawyer, and chance meeting of a group of individuals (when trying to ‘correct’ her university application) who turn out to be major players in different parts of her life.

3) How she, as a litigation lawyer, believed in having a strong stand for her client, and standing up for something. How the lawyer has a role in representing the person’s best interest, while upholding the rule of law. (I believe it’s the first time I appreciate what lawyers do really)

4) How being a litigation lawyer helped her grow personally as an individual (e.g. you don’t win 100% time, so roll with it!)

5) How she recognised both opportunities to make a difference, and the challenges & difficulties. And in anchoring with values that she holds dear, she choose to take up the opportunities – also because the challenges are there, that it is time for her to make a difference.

6) How moral courage is so much more than physical courage. Because moral courage requires self belief, things that make you who you are, and inner strength.