Welcome to my personal blog, “Conscious steps”!

It has been many years since I had a personal site.

My key intention for creating this site is to share about key stories and individuals that personally inspire me, and forward me on my journey towards a more conscious and sustainable life.

I have always considered myself a nature lover. Yet, my journey towards greater understanding of what sustainability is really started in 2008. I had the golden opportunity to attend a 2-week Youth Encounter on Sustainability program by ETH Zurich. The course opened up my eyes to new perspectives and ideas, that made me want to know more and do more to make this Earth a better place for all of us to live in.

Then, earlier this year, I embarked on a new  journey towards personal growth. I added a 3-day life coaching program, The Courage to Create, and the 5-week follow-up program, Making Courage Work.  The programs allowed me to find my answers to various questions about life – “Who am I? Why do I do the things I do? What makes me happy? What gives life meaning?”. With support from my classmates and the coaches, the programs enabled me to find the courage to go for what I truly want to do and say, and create personal breakthroughs in my life. I truly appreciate what life coaching has created for me – and am now on a journey towards training as a life coach myself.

I believe that understanding self gives one the courage and freedom to reach for things that truly matter. For me, these include making a meaningful difference for the community and the environment.

I intend to update this blog regularly, and hope that the stories I share can move and inspire you too.

Opinions shared on this site are my own. I’m still learning, do give me feedback as I go along!

– Cuifen


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