Every moment we have is a precious gift

There’s a wake at a house very near to my place. Plucked up my courage again, went up to give my condolences to the family. Because I feel it is the right thing to do. But because I have never met them before,even as I stepped up, I didn’t know what to say really, and who to approach.

Somehow I got their attention. The mum appreciated it very much when I said I am a neighbour who lives just down the street. The family later shared with me how the father, who is really still quite young, had passed away suddenly & unexpectedly, and no one really accept that he is gone just like that.

As we talked for over an hour, I sensed that this is a family who care for one another, & the parents worked really hard for the family business. They realised that every moment is really precious, one really cannot foresee when the end will come, and there’s time for work, there’s also time to rest – ultimately, health is key. All the money in the world cannot bring a person back; it is better to live life happily, rest well & be with love ones.

All good reminders really. All of us may know & understand them, but how often do we actually do them? Don’t wait till it’s too late to do what you want to do, or say what you want to say. Because the present is a gift, and the future is never guaranteed.


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