Edible garden outing & volunteering session

Open to all interested in growing your own food, sustainability, gardening, being in touch with nature…. 

Sat morning, ComCrop *SCAPE
Where: *SCAPE
Timing: 9.30am to 11am
Dress code: casual, no heels or tight skirts (you will be walking on the roof)

Meet at *SCAPE Toast Box. We will head up to the roof level, to help set-up a commercial edible farm in the heart of Orchard Road, on the rooftop of *SCAPE. This ComCrop farm is designed and managed by polytechnic students, and will grow fresh vegetables and herbs to supply to restaurants across the island.

We can help cut back basil and germinate seeds.

PM me if you are coming along!
Sunday, garden session
Where: Pavilion’s edible garden at Pavilion Playground park (beside Pavilion Park estate)
Timing: start 9.30am, end 12nn
Bring: garden tools

NParks’ workers will help us move bags of soil and gravel, and consolidate them within the allocated edible garden area. The bags had been deposited near the park entrance and in a grass area off the hard court, as vehicles could not enter the park. They will also remove a portion of the dug up soil.

We will transplant butterfly-attracting plants, given to us by NParks under the new NParks/SW CDC’S “Tengah Nature Way” initiative. The intention behind Tengah Nature Way is to create a green corridor for butterflies and birds, for that there are suitable plants connecting the Bukit Timah and Central Catchment Nature Reserves with the SAFTI Live-Firing Area.

The herb spiral is nearing completion, and we will also check in on the planted veggies and herbs.


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