the haze.

It feels like someone has set a huge fire in the backyard – only that this haze originated from huge man-made fires all the way in Sumatra, Indonesia!

The PSI levels had risen into the ‘unhealthy’ zone. To all, pls take good care! I hear that some of my friends have been affected even though we mostly stay indoors now.

The birds were still flying about this evening, but they are much quieter. What do they make of this haze that descended in recent days, I wonder.

In my mind, I clearly see & hear the frightened animals in the burning zone screaming with fear & running for their lives – only to learn that there is really no place to run or hide. As my friend, Bhavani Prakash, said, this is an eco-cide indeed. What has been done so far to stop this burning is clearly not working.


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